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Dames-Do-Up is an international Checkers/Draughts game (Dames) : it's played on a 10x10 squares board and the capture is obligatory.
8 Boards with different styles are available(Classic, Inca, Chinese, Technical, colored...).

In 1 player mode, there are 6 difficulty levels: from the complete beginner to expert.
You can also set up the game's style of the computer(aggressiveness or defensive) or refine the difficulty.
The game is convenient for beginners and children too : with simple right-click you can show the authorized paths of the pieces at anytime.

In 2 players mode, you can encounter a distant opponent through internet(with the IP address of one of the 2 players),
an online chat allows you to send message while you are playing. The game is in 4 languages : English, Spanish, German and French.
Download it :     Download Dames-Do-Up
If you have remarks or suggestions : Send an email : fleury.clement@free.fr
Dames-Do-Up Tao Yin Dames-Do-Up Sipan
Dames-Do-Up Von Neumann Dames-Do-Up Xia Tiaoqi
Dames-Do-Up Couleurs Timoteo Dames-Do-Up Ancien
Dames-Do-Up Sylvestre Dames-Do-Up Tao Yang